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We will create a website design that is custom-built just for your business. Your eCommerce website will reflect your brand identity.

Making eCommerce Super Simple For You


In today’s market, you can't afford being without a website and online presence is the first impression for your business. We are here to set up and do all the necessary work for your eCommerce platform to run smoothly whilst looking good. 


An eCommerce website requires additional functionality than a simple static website site,  and this is where we step in. We allow the ability for users to create accounts, receive reminders about items in the cart, multiple delivery options and payment options as well as the ability for the users to customize the product you are selling! You’ll be able to stand out from the rest with a professional website design combined with a fully functional online store.


​At Aurora Design Solutions, we strive to create innovative, user friendly, modern websites which ensure that each website delivers its potential return. We specialize in producing websites for both small and large businesses. The finished product is bespoke to your needs, ensuring functionality and proper optimization. A wide range of add-ons are also on offer which can be easily added your new or existing website.

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