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Malta Classic

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Project Overview:

The Malta Classic, an esteemed annual event celebrating classic cars and vintage style against the historic backdrop of Mdina, required a comprehensive website makeover to meet the evolving needs of its online audience. This project encompassed eCommerce, website design, database integration, and website development to create a dynamic and user-friendly online presence.


The Malta Classic has a rich history dating back to 2007 when it hosted Malta's first Classic Car Grand Prix. Over the years, it has grown in prominence, attracting classic car enthusiasts from around the world. In 2011, the event found its current home in Mdina, becoming a cornerstone of vintage automotive culture.

Project Scope:

eCommerce Integration: 

One of the primary objectives was to facilitate online transactions. We integrated a robust eCommerce system into the website, allowing The Malta Classic to sell tickets for their events and offer their merchandise to a global audience. This not only streamlined their revenue generation but also expanded their reach.

Website Design: 

The website's design was revamped to align with the event's classic and vintage theme. We crafted a visually appealing and responsive design that enhances the user experience and captures the essence of The Malta Classic.

Database Integration: 

To manage and update critical information such as yearly racing results and event details, we implemented an advanced database integration system. This ensured that the website remains up-to-date with accurate and real-time information.

Website Development: 

The core of this project was website development. Our team of experts meticulously developed the website, combining cutting-edge technology with a user-friendly interface. This allowed visitors to seamlessly navigate through the site, explore event information, purchase tickets, and shop for exclusive merchandise.


The revamped Malta Classic website now serves as a hub for classic car enthusiasts and event-goers. It has successfully expanded the event's online presence, offering a streamlined ticket purchasing process and a convenient platform for merchandise sales. The website's fresh design and database integration ensure that visitors always have access to the latest information about the event.

We are proud to have been a part of this project, enabling The Malta Classic to continue celebrating vintage style and speed while connecting with a global audience. Our team remains committed to delivering innovative solutions that enhance the online presence and functionality of our clients' websites.


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With the help of Aurora Design Solutions, our website is back to where it belongs with the look it deserves! We are now working with David and Aurora Design Solutions on a monthly basis thanks to their great website care plans!

They perform the work in a very professional way and they are always there to answer any questions we had!

We highly recommend them!!

Josef Abela

Technical Director

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